3D Design ( ADVANCED ) Training

Unlock the secret of designing for additive manufacturing with our advanced course!
Discover the rules and restriction of AM Design and gain expertise in creating flawless prints.
Minimize printing errors, slash costs, and optimize parts efficiency with the essential knowledge
acquired in this training program.

Your Benefits

  • Learn how to successfully design for add manufacturing (AM)
  • Hands-on experience of the complete AM Design Workflow
  • Fundamentals of the AM process to understand AM design thinking

Module Content

Unit 1: Introduction to 3D Design

  • In-depth learning of 3D Design Software
  • Fundamentals features for 3D Design
  • Hands-on practise sessions focusing on design thinking for AM

Unit 2: Reverse Engineering

  • Hands-on 3D Scanner
  • 3D Data Acqusition and Data Manipulation