Training & Consultation

3D Printing required a set of knowledge from design, data preparation and printing.
There are so many post processing and equipment to master before can get a good finished products


Getting your hands on a 3D printer might seem like a puzzle at times. Navigating the world of 3D printing requires some key knowledge: knowing how to design, prep your data, and actually do the printing. With 3D Gens, we're your guides, taking you from the basics to the advanced techniques in 3D printing. Our training is flexible and tailored to your needs. And we don't just stop there—after training, we're here to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Who Should Attend

Designers or engineers working on or investigating 3D printing applications who would like design experience and guidance to fully unlock the potential of AM.

Learning goals

  • Discover methodologies and workflows of design for AM and apply them to your own projects
  • Receive feedback from designers and engineers on your own designs
  • Look at your designs through the eyes of an engineer with experience in design for AM


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