Basic 3D Printing Training

Master the Art of 3D Printing with our Comprehensive Training Course!
Gain a Solid Foundation to Start Your Additive Manufacturing Journey.
Uncover the Limitless Possibilities of Additive Manufacturing,
Discover the Right Technologies for Your Needs, and Be Equipped to
Dive into the World of 3D Printing with Confidence!

Your Benefits

  • Understand the trends that drive additive manufacturing.
  • Get a technolpgy overview for polymer and metal AM while learning how to select the right technology.
  • Identify the potential of additive manufacturing in your business and learn how to identify the right parts.
  • Get to know the possibilities and restrictions in design and material usage.

Module Content

Unit 1: Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (AM).

  • Explaination of the fundamental principles of AM processes.
  • Types of AM Technologies.
  • Applications of Additive Manufacturing.

Unit 2: Data Preparation & Calibrating

  • Introduction to Data Preparation
  • Screeing & Analysis of Parts
  • Preparations of Individual Parts

Unit 3: Handling, Operating & Post Processing

  • Introduction to 3D Printer-Handling
  • Introduction of quality assurance and post-processing methods