Implant CT Scan Upload

! IMPORTANT ! Before proceeding to upload please ensure for file is according to our Protocol for better quality and accuracy.


The quality and accuracy of the final 3D printed object depends upon the data obtained by CT scan or MRI.
To achieve the greatest accuracy in producing real structures, it is necessary to adhere to the following protocol:

  1. The radiographic examination must be uploaded to our ftp site, in DICOM format
  2. Images should contain the entire volume of this scan
  3. To ensure reproduction of the area of interest, there must be a minimum margin of 5 mm (top and bottom) around the area to be printed.
  4. All slices must have the same field of view, the same reconstruction center and same table height.
  5. Original images should be provided without reformatting.
  6. The patient must remain still during the scan. If the patient moves during the scan, the scan should be repeated
  7. Do not use cone-beam CT (as the contrast is insufficient).
  8. To produce segmented images of the heart, is necessary to use contrast medium in all cavities.
Anatomical Parameters
AnatomySlice ThicknessDistance
Face0.5 mm (or less)0.4
Heart1.0 mm (or less)0.6
Spine1.0 mm (or less)0.6
Skull1.0 mm (or less)0.8
Other Structures1.0 mm (or less)0.8

For Guideline on how to upload please refer the following Guide

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