About Us

3D Gens or 3D Generation were established with the aim to industrialize 3D modeling and 3D Printing. At 3D Gens, we are dedicated to pioneering the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing Technology. We envision a future where creativity knows no bounds, and every industry can benefit from the efficiency and innovation enabled by additive processes. Together, we shape the future of manufacturing.We celebrate innovators and engineers as pioneers of creativity. Additive Manufacturing facilitates the realization of their ideas and designs, transforming them from concepts to functional end-use parts.
What was once confined to prototyping is now capable of printing fully functional components.

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3D Gens Leadership Team

3D Gens leadership team is responsible for the strategic direction of 3D Gens. They have extensive experience within their disciplines and are committed to making 3D Gens a centre of excellence for additive manufacturing.

Dr Izhar Abd Aziz

Managing Director

Oversees operations, sets strategy, leads teams, and ensures organizational success.

Umar Ikramullah

Executive Director

Guides overall vision, strategy, and organizational management.

Hanna Zulika

Finance & Human Resource

Manage finances and HR operations for organizational effectiveness.

Hosni Mubarak

Business Development

Drive business growth through strategic development efforts.

Naz Ashari

Head of Operation

Lead operational activities to achieve organizational goals efficiently.

Masdie Ismail

Sales Manager

Direct sales team to achieve targets and revenue objectives