PSI LOGIC Maxfac - mandibular reconstruction

Reconstruction of mandibular defect resulting from segmental mandibulectomy is one of many challenges faced by oral surgeons. Last year, we have designed, simulated and printed patient specific implant particular for mandibular reconstruction through 3d printing technology. It is very challenging task as to achieve optimal functional and better aesthetic results for each patients that we served. Digital workflow and 3d metal printing made it possible for us and we become the first local company that able to offer surgical planning, cutting guide and patient specific implant for Maxillofacial surgeons. Different 3DP technology are used such as FDM for models, SLA for cutting guide and SLM for the implants let alone different softwares for data acquisition, modelling, design, simulation, lattice structure and for metal printing. We will keep improving our services and we thanked all surgeons that gave us such opportunities to showcase our capabilities.